I'm Amit Chauhan, an Internet Marketer and coach from India. I stepped into this business in 2015.

I've created this blog (digitalamie.com) which is completely free for you, you can get value and the knowledge I got through my past experiences.

Stick with me till the end of this page.

You will get to know me as well and How I started my journey to reach from 0 to $600 per day. I know, lot of internet marketers are making more than me. But still, I am good for what I have achieved till now.

I started my journey to Internet Marketing from my college days. I have struggled a lot and did lot more unusual expenses in learning basic things related to Affiliate marketing and making money online.

I started lot of failed blogs as well which didn't work for me at all.

Internet Marketing was not just my dream, it was my passion for which I left my job as well. 

I have learnt all the pros and cons of this and now I am able to deliver value to you which is absolutely free. I don't want any one to invest in learning basic things that might help them to understand this business model.

It took me an Year to understand it properly which cost me around $2600.

There are lot of things in Internet Marketing like Funnels, Building List, affiliate marketing and lot more. But when I started these are like splitted things for me. I started investing in good courses to know how can I relate all these things and make money out of it.

Here is my first payment proof I got from Warriorplus (like Clickbank, jVzoo)...

Now I am able to travel freely and there is no boss on me. I work for me which is now completely on Autopilot that makes me money when I sleep.

My only message to you is to don't quit early, there might be a chance in future which can change your complete life. And don't invest your money in any bogus tutorial which has no value.

If you are already getting my emails, there you will get most of my daily tips, tricks and motivations that will help you to build financially and internally as well.